Wazuka Red

  • Medium bodied, dark chocolate, honey, cinnamon.
    Black tea is rare from Japan. Green tea is by far the majority produced but there are farmers rebelling from the norm producing black styles expressing local charateristics.
    Wazuka Red is an interesting example, harvested from a single garden in the hills of Wazuka and made from a tea cultivar unique to Japan. A different taste of what you might expect from the land of green tea.
    Soft and mellow with deep lingering flavour, refreshing without astringency.

    Origin Japan, Kyoto, Wazuka
    Cultivar yabukita (camellia sinensis) 
    Harvest 2018 OP1

  • Serving per 250ml 1 heaped teaspoon (3 grams) 
    Water 90-95C
    Infusion (1st) 2 min, resteep
    Contains caffeine

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