Tea Sensory Sets

Watching someone experience premium loose leaf teas for the first time is always a joy.

 Seeing a sense of wonder emerge as new aromas arise from twisted, rolled and coloured leaves, sparking the senses.

 Delight dawns as leaves open, gently colouring the hot liquid in delicate shades.

 Surprise at the first sip as new-found flavours unfold, develop, then linger on the palate.

 The expression on their face says it all.

 “So this is what tea is really about.”

 The Sensory Sets are the perfect introduction to quality loose leaf teas and herbs, ensuring a great first experience. To awaken your senses, you'll find two teas or herbal blends of your choice, a unique Japanese Tebineri glass cup, a stainless steel cup steeper, along with instructions on how to make to make a superior tea.

The Japanese Tebineri glass, which translates as 'twisted by hand', has been created to give the feel of a handmade glass, with undulations and walls of varying thicknesses. They are practical, dishwasher-proof, long-lasting and an absolute pleasure to use.

The cup steeper is a wonderfully simple yet totally indispensable tool. Just sit it in your Tebineri glass, add dry leaves, and pour your hot water. The steeper’s space allows the leaves the freedom to 'swim' and open for full flavour. At the appropriate time, lift it out with care, pause and breathe in the aromas, and then place it aside to re-steep again.

There are eight sets to choose from;
White Sensory Set, with White Buddhas Tears & More Shine 

Oolong Sensory Set, with Oolong Formosa & Oolong Iron Goddess

Black Sensory Set, with Black for Milk & Earl Grey

Green Sensory Set, with Green Sencha & Green Jasmine

Herbal Sensory Set, with Rooibos & Berries

Herbal Sensory Set, with Lemongrass and Ginger & Licorice Mint

Herbal Sensory Set, with Sleep & Inspire

Herbal sensory Set, with Ruby Rooibos & Immunity

Each set contains approximately 4 serves.


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