Lot 4 Taitung oolong

  • Mandarin, sultanas, soft cinnamon spice 
    This seasons Spring pick features a special blend of flavours drawn in from the sub tropical south eastern Pacific coast of Taiwan. Cultivars, jin suang and chin sing have been expertly blended to create a tea that's in a word, yum. Beginning with light fruits of sultana and pear aroma, flavours of bright mandarin meld smoothly with a soft spicy cinnamon. This taste package draws out into a long lingering finish well after your cup is empty. This unique tea shows off the tea masters oolong skills, starting with extensive withering of the freshly picked leaves, 80% oxidisation and high level baking, all cumulating into a ball style oolong of glossy red browns and tan. An oolong to be savoured and enjoyed, try it with a dry cheddar.

    Origin Taiwan, Taitung, Luye
    Cultivars jin suang ttes#12 and chin sing (camellia sinensis) 
    Harvest 2021 Spring
    Cultivation  Conventional farming, altitude 200-300m
    Baking high
    Oxidation 80%

  • Serving per 250ml 1 heaped teaspoon (4 grams) 
    Water 95C
    Infusion (1st) 2-3 min, (2nd) 3.5 min, (3rd) 4 min
    Contains caffeine

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