Organic Welcome Hojicha

  • Light, smooth and velvety with notes of almonds.
    Hojicha translates as roasted tea. Even though not green in colour it is still a green tea, the green leaves have been roasted after steaming and drying to create the unique character and nutty favours.
    By subjecting the high temperature to the leaves most if not all the caffeine is extracted. This makes a drink to enjoy throughout the day and into evening. 
    In Japan we were often served this tea as a genuine welcome with warmth and humility. A memory we like to share with our own guests at home in Australia.
    Welcome Hojicha is made with larger leaves called bancha from a late Spring pick. Being an organic farm with 350 years of heritage you are tasting the real nature of a garden shaped by the local environments terroir.
    In the cup this tea greats you with a woody maple syrup aroma and dark golden liquid colour. Light in body it tastes sweet and velvety with flavours of smoky roast almonds. There's lots to like about this tea, the roast is nicely balanced, more on the lighter side, the flavours linger lightly on the mouth, it's just enjoyable.
    With a piece or more of your favourite chocolate for perfect harmony. 
    Serve hot or chilled using cold brewing in More Tea tea bottle or Hario Cold Brew Filter bottle.

    Origin Japan, Kyoto, Wazuka
    Cultivar Organic mixed cultivar, (Yabukita the main cultivar) (camellia sinensis) JAS, EU and USDA organic certifications
    Harvest 2019 end of Spring
    Style roasted bancha

  • Serving per cup: 3 heaped teaspoon, 4 grams
    Ideal water temp: 90C
    Steep time: (1st) 30-45 sec min, (2nd) 45-60 sec , (3rd) 1-2 mins. 
    Contains low caffeine

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