Green Dragonwell

  • Famous high quality green tea, known as "Long Jing" for those who want to impress or treat themselves. Proudly served to world leaders, emperors and lovers of green tea. One of the most favourite teas in China. Leaves are flat and unfermented (holding onto high levels of vitamin C and amino acids) with a stunning aroma like freshly cut grass, when steeped this special green tea gives a slightly savoury and sweet taste. A superfood tea containing one of the highest concentrations of catechins (fancy name for compounds found in tea that boost health) within the tea family. Don't miss out on this special picking. It's time to explore high quality Chinese green tea.

  • Serving per cup: 1 teaspoon
    Ideal water temp: 80-85C before boiling
    Steep time: 1 min. Do not over steep otherwise taste will be bitter.
    Can be re-steeped
    Contains caffeine
    Ingredients: Green tea (China). High quality tea

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