Cumulus Sencha

  • Distinctive, intense lingering umami, vegetal, sweet, syrupy mouthfeel.
    A highest grade shaded Sencha (Kabuse Sencha), shaded for two weeks before harvest in early spring. The result, delicate, tender, leaves showing the distinctive dark green of a shaded leaf, very rich in theanine and antioxidants, creating a rich syrupy tea. A single-origin tea, it exhibits all the richness straight from the tea farm, with the full bouquet of tea elements in aracha style. 

    Origin Japan, Kyoto, Wazuka
    Cultivar yabukita (camellia sinensis) 
    Harvest early Spring 2018
    Cultivation shaded two weeks before harvest
    Style Aracha

  • Serving per 100ml 1 heaped teaspoon (5 grams) 
    Water 70C
    Infusion (1st) 1 min, (2nd) 30 sec
    Contains caffeine

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