Honey Bush (organic)

  • A sweet floral scent curls its way through the house, welcoming guests. On the stovetop, the source of this olfactory treat simmers away; a pot of Honey Bush tea. Native to South Africa, this herbal tea carries a distinctly honey-ish floral aroma, with flavours of warm apricot jam on the palette and a clean sweet ending.
    Rich in antioxidants, it has no caffeine and very low tannins so rather than adding bitterness, long simmering and steeping enrichen the flavour. And while it has traditionally been used to treat respiratory ailments, we suggest you simply use Honey Bush tea to treat yourself (and any guests that might arrive).

  • Serving per cup: 2 teaspoons
    Ideal water temp: boiling
    Steep time: 3-5 mins or longer to taste
    Caffeine free
    Drink hot or cold
    For iced tea simply brew as normal and let chill in the fridge or fill cup or jug half full with ice and pour hot tea over or to cold steep use a Hario cold brew filter bottle, add double the suggested serving, fill with water, place in the fridge for 6 to 8 hours. 
    Ingredients: Organic Honey Bush (South Africa)

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