White Buddha Tears

  • The stunning goodness of white tea in a delicately hand-rolled ball. Also known as Jasmine Pearls, these are a delight to look at as well as drink. Beautifully hand-rolled dragon pearls married with delicate jasmine blossoms. A delicacy and perfect first tea to be adventurous with, if you love green tea with jasmine then these will be a treat. Always impressive to guests, a perfect gift and simple to brew. Simple to steep, you can even not use a strainer - simply drop pearls into your cup and fill with hot water (re-use the balls and refill your cup). These you will love!

  • Serving per cup: 4 pearls
    Ideal water temp: 75-80C before boiling
    Steep time: 3-5 mins
    Please re-steep
    Great for refilling your cup all day or use with More Tea Bottle
    Contains Caffeine (small amount)
    Ingredients: White Tea (China), Jasmine

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