Steeping is the term for brewing your perfect cup of tea.

At More Tea we don't want to complicate things, however it's important to know the basics to make sure specialty tea tastes the best it can. Even though different teas come from the same plant, they need to be prepared to different temperatures and varying steep times to suit your taste and to avoid bitterness or burning of the leaves.

The simplest tips for a perfect tasting cup are; use clean fresh water (filtered if possible), only use boiling water for black and herbal teas. Green, white and oolong teas prefer water under boil. Or a trick is to boil the kettle and pour your water in a separate cup to cool down. 

Some tea varieties can be re-steeped, this means you can re-use the leaves up to 3-5 times. Experiment with this, notice the taste changes and improves with each steep.

Below is a guide only, have a go at steeping your tea to suit you and taste the difference.