Over a cuppa

We bring you conversations and insights from More's favourite tea drinkers and collaborators. Pop the kettle on, put your feet up, snuggle in and enjoy. You may even learn something! We aspire to assist you to lead happy, healthy and fun lives.

April's 'Over a Cuppa':

'Fear' brought to your by:
Leigh Russell, More Tea Collaborator and Chief Inspirer at http://www.inspiredheads.com.au


A bit about Leigh:
Leigh is a straight talking, creative thinking, no nonsense kind of person with a core purpose – to help people to create careers, businesses and lives with meaning.  Leigh uses the lessons she has learnt across a whole swagger of environments (experiences as diverse as working with senior AFL coaches in the pressure cooker of the coaches box… teaching pubescent youngsters…CEO life…public speaking…becoming a mother…working with some of Australia’s top athletes…serving as a director of various companies), as well as her qualifications in the arts, business, counselling and teaching to create bespoke solutions to impact and inspire. We are lucky to share a cup of tea with her and learn how we can be the best version of ourselves.