About Us


Simply we are here because we love to drink tea. Tea is a constant in our life. We are skiers, snowboarders, surfers, tennis players, flying trapeze artists, hikers, campers, travellers, photographers and have many other hobbies and passions. More Tea was founded by Stef, a Certified Tea Specialist and was built on her passion for quality tea and curiosity to discover more. Frustrated when good quality tea was hard to find, embarrassed to order tea out and about, like being un-cool not ordering a latte. However tea is cool. The second most consumed beverage in the world behind water. Many people and many cultures drink this incredible leaf. More Tea is here to make it more accessible to everyday drinkers and tell its story. Meet and celebrate the people and communities whom pluck and process every leaf in your humble cup.

More Tea source premium tea from countries all over the world. Teas that taste the best, our friends love to drink and keep knocking on our door for. We are about discovery and curosity. There is nothing wrong with an English Breakfast (in fact we religiously start our day with a black and a splash of milk) however tea has many varieties and flavours. We want people to discover and celebrate the wide varieties of specialty tea and drink more. By the way some of our friends drink coffee and that's ok!

Having been frustrated by too much choice and too many blends, More Tea have done the hard work for you. We have cupped and tasted many teas from all over the world. More Tea will modernise the tea experience, retain the tradition of quality leaf tea whilst making them easily available and simple to steep.

The name was easy.  Share more moments, have more conversations, do more travel, learn new skills, seek more adventures and all whilst continuing to drink more tea.

So please join us.