White tea is considered a prized tea, often harvested just with the buds and simply withered in the sun. The leaf buds and baby leaves are carefully plucked by hand so as the leaves are not bruised, which could threaten the flavour and quality. Some farms harvest the tea without human touch, using tiny scissors and a bowl, historically white tea was only plucked by virgins before the sun rose in the day. A lot of work for your special cup. Contains the least caffeine of the tea family. It's a winner for health benefits. Due to the very minimal processing, research shows higher levels of antioxidants than that of green tea, a reason why white teas are more expensive. Manufactured completely or mostly by hand the delicate process takes 4-5 days on average. Try it - called white tea as the steep is nearly colourless and tastes light and refreshing, perfect all day in the More Tea Bottle.

Some folklore - when drinking Silver Needle tea, if your buds sit upright in your cup, then this brings good luck!