Oriental Beauty Oolong

  • Light honey, summer stone fruit, fruity floral aroma  

    Recognised as one of the 7 exceptional teas or ‘beauties’ of Taiwan, Oriental Beauty delivers exceptional fruity yet floral aroma, with an intense complex flavour and a rich finish of light honey and ripe summer peaches. 

    Beautifully balanced on the palate, it is described as Taiwan’s ‘Champagne’ of tea, steeping to a rich golden colour much like a glass of vintage ‘bubbly'.

    This oolong is shaped in a ‘strip’ style with the unique colours of the finely twisted white buds and tiny brown leaves that make this tea recognisable in the dry form. 

    But it is the relationship with a tiny insect that makes this tea’s flavours and aroma so special. 

    The Green Leaf Hopper bites the succulent buds and leaves causing a defensive reaction by the tea plant whereby it produces unique aroma attracting the Leaf Hopper’s predators to defend it. 

    Paradoxically having a crop of ‘bitten’ tea was once a financial disaster, farmers would write off an entire pick. 

    Now a crop of ‘bitten’ tea is highly prized, because of the stubbornness of one farmer who famously discovered the unique flavours after processing a ‘worthless’ crop. 

    Oriental Beauty is created in a confluence of early Summer high temperature, high humidity, and afternoon rain for the Leaf Hopper to do its work on the cultivar Chin Sing Dah Pan.

    Usually from the Dragon Boat Festival 5th May for the next two weeks is good weather for the tender leaves and the Leaf Hoppers. This year the timing was a little later because of 2020 being a leap year. 

    The best examples of Oriental Beauty are produced exclusively in Taiwan's Hsinchu region.

    A tea to be explored in multiple steeps for an exceptional experience.


    Origin Taiwan, Hsinchu region, Emei 
    Cultivar chin sin dah pan (camellia sinensis)
    Cultivation  Conventional farming, alt. 300m
    Harvest 2020 early Summer, handpicked
    Baking Light
    Oxidation 70%

  • Serving per 300ml 3 grams, 1-2 teaspoons  
    Water 80-85C
    Infusion (1st) 3 min, (2nd) 3.5 min, (3rd) 4 min
    Contains caffeine

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