Oolong Iron Goddess

  • This mesmerising tea comes from China, Oolong is known in China as Wu-Long. Iron Goddess is lightly fermented to give a sweet taste. Re-steep up to three times and taste the flavour change and improve. Perfect for drinking all day long with the More Tea bottle. Once you try oolong you will be addicted. Some find not as bitter as some greens, quite subdued, so perfect to keep refreshed all day. This particular oolong is famous for its slimming properties. But we just love to drink it for it's divine taste. If you have never experienced Oolong, Iron Goddess is the best to experiment with. Enjoy!

  • Serving per cup: 1 teaspoon
    Ideal water temp: 75-80C before boiling
    Steep time: 2 mins
    Try re-steeping
    Ingredients: Oolong tea (China)

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