Ki lai high mountain jade oolong

  • Tasting notes: Medium bodied, creamy, sweet young asparagus, citrus, lingering. 
    Grown in Ki Lai this garden is situated high in the central mountains at 2000 metres in the Nantou region of Taiwan. This example is a good one expressing the very best qualities of Spring hand picked chin shin cultivar. This leaf has been expertly processed in a jade oolong style (slightly more oxidised than green classed teas).
    The medium to large olive/green ball style oolong has the golden tinge of a light roast, opening to 2 to 3 leaves and a bud. 
    There's plenty to like beginning with an aroma of lightly buttered fresh greens. Flavour hits the mouth in a rush enveloping the taste buds with a creamy clean sweet young asparagus and raw cashew flavours that evolves with a sweet citrus tinge. Ki Lai has layered flavours that evolve in your mouth with satisfying complexity. The finish is lingering, smooth and long. Enjoy over many steeps.    

    Origin Taiwan, Nantou, Ki Lia 
    Cultivar chin shin (camellia sinensis)
    Altitude 2000m  
    Harvest 2019 Spring, hand picked

  • Serving per 250ml 1 heaped teaspoon (5 grams) 
    Water 90C
    Infusion (1st) 1-1.5 min, (2nd) 2 min, (3rd) 3 min 
    Contains caffeine

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