organic Lemongrass & Ginger

  • Fresh and tangy citrus aroma
    Minty citrus with spice and tang of ginger flavour 
    Smooth sweet lingering taste

    A classic combination of herbs to drink as an infusion/tea.

    This organic blend envelopes you with uplifting and cleansing citrus aromas and unique flavour of lemongrass. Cut chunks of ginger root add a delightful clean tang to balance the herbal infusion and add depth. Has a calming effect whilst gentle on the stomach and free of caffiine.

    Very comforting for a cold or flu and uplifting chilled on a summer's day.
    Great with honey. 

  • Serving per cup 1 Teaspoon
    Ideal water temp Boiling
    Steep time 5-10 mins
    Caffeine & additive free

    Ingredients Organic lemongrass (Egypt), organic cut ginger root (India)

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