• A colourful spiced detoxification blend with soothing sweetness. Using well-known medicinal herbs blended together to perfection to create a strong tasting herbal tea with a hint of sweetness, thanks to our organic fennel + licorice. Formulated by our 'Wellness Expert' designed to detoxify the liver, gallbladder, bowel + support the kidneys.

    SECRET HERBS: St Mary's Thistle, the First Class liver detoxification herb, supporting the liver + gallbladder function, acting to regenerate liver tissue + support complete detoxification. Liver damage, fatty liver, gall stones, digestive insufficiency, nausea, flatulence, constipation + bloating. Schisandra, enhances detoxification by the liver + supporting energy production. Improving physical + mental performance. 
  • Disclaimer: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a condition or medical concern, please consult your medical practitioner first. No teas should be used or considered solely for medicinal or curative properties. 
  • Serving per cup: 1 teaspoon
    Ideal water temp: boiling
    Steep time: 5 mins
    Caffeine & additive free
    Ingredients: Schisandra Berries, St Mary's Thistle, dandelion root, fennel, licorice, star ainse, cassia seeds

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