Green Sencha

  • Sencha is the most popular consumed and largest amount of tea produced in Japan. Dating back to the 17th century it's needle-like leaves are pretty and release a smell of fresh grass. The first sip evokes memories of travelling Japan, tasting and smelling the intriguing culture and freshness from the mountains. This green tea is refreshing and rich with that distinctive Japanese tang, finishes off not overly bitter. Thoroughly enjoyed by all green tea drinkers. Fabulous tea to refill all day in the More Tea Bottle or favourite pot at home.

  • Serving per cup: 1 teaspoon
    Ideal water temp: 75-80C before boiling
    Steep time: 1-2 mins. Don't over steep else tea will become bitter!
    Can be re-steeped
    Contains caffeine
    Ingredients: Green tea (Japan)

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