genmai roasted rice

  • Tasting notes: Nutty, roasted, popcorn, slight sweetness
    Add Genmai (roasted rice) to your Sencha.
    Genmai is usually sold already mixed with low quality Bancha green tea (older leaves and stems) as Genmaicha.  
    While in Japan we were introduced to the style of adding genmai to quality Sencha tea leaves after the second steep. We loved it and thought our customers would too. 
    This combination gives a delicious extended level of flavour to your tea, the roasted nuttiness balancing out and softening the bite as it starts to show but not overpowering the qualities of the tea.
    Definitely re-steep again. 
    Works well with hojicha. 

    Origin Japan, Kyoto
    Type roasted, mochi rice  

  • Serving per 250ml 1 heaped teaspoon (2.5 grams) 
    Water 70C
    Infusion add to Sencha for a third and fourth steep.
    Water 90C, steep for 10 seconds or 30 seconds at 80C

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