Silvereye Kukicha

  • Subtly sweet, notes of cherry tomato and fresh nuts. 
    Silvereye Kukicha is stem tea, the highest grade available, made from the stems and stalks of Spring first harvest Tencha.
    Tencha are the tea leaves that are ground finely to produce high quality drinking Matcha.
    These leaves are grown to be as sweet as possible, the tea farmer shades the tea plants for up to four weeks just before harvest to reduce the amount of catechin (bitterness) in the new growth. The leaves are then steamed and dried.

    Silvereye Kukicha benefits from all this extra attention resulting in a light bodied smoothness, subtle sweetness reminiscent of cherry tomatoes tossed in herbed butter and fresh cashews. It presents with a glossy pale yellow green in the cup, the flavours build leaving a long lingering memory of the last sip. Multiple steeping is well rewarded as bitterness doesn't show.
    This style of tea is lower in caffeine as caffeine is concentrated in the buds and leaves not the stems.

  • Origin Japan, Kyoto, Wazuka
    Cultivar mix, mostly Okumidori (camellia sinensis) 
    Harvest 2019 Spring
    Cultivation covered for up to 4 weeks before harvest
    Processing steamed and dried

  • Serving per 100ml 1 heaped teaspoon (5 grams) 
    Water 70C, will handle higher temperatures
    Infusion (1st) 30-45 sec, (2nd) 45-60 sec, (3rd) 1-2 min
    Contains caffeine

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