'Collab', short for collaboration. Like-minded brands coming together to provide something awesome for their customers. That's the way we role at More Tea. We look forward to providing great products for our customers with our brand friends. 

Check out our newest collab with 'FIRE AND SHINE' - www.fireandshine.com.au

We created this tea with Fire and Shine to celebrate the combination of both brands passions for wellness and holistic health.  We also fell in love with Fire and Shine's premium yoga and activewear at the very beginning of both brands journeys. 

We all live busy lives and taking the time to have a cup of More Shine will assist us all in being able to realise our potential. 

The development of this tea has been such an enjoyable process, involving at least 40 different cuppings to decide on the perfect flavours and health benefits that reflect the customers for both brands. We hope you enjoy drinking More Shine as much as we loved creating it.

Visit the product page to find out more about our new tea 'MORE SHINE'.

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