Lot 47 Formosa Bonita oolong

  • Spicy fruit cake.
    Produced in a twisted strip style shaping Lot 47 Formosa Bonita is a black tea oolong.
    Single, small to medium sized leaves bare the hallmark of 90% oxidation with dark browns to dusted blacks colouration good dose of golden tips.
    The aroma of the infused leaves and liquid greet you with roasted fruit, currants and baked pastry. 
    Tasted flavours of this clear amber tea are best described as a delicious moist baked fruit cake with a dash of warming all spice.
    You're left with a lingering spicy warmth, full flavoured depth and a joy to drink even as it cools.
    It's very easy to keep refilling your cup and having another 'slice'.  

    Origin Taiwan, Nantou Region, Minchiean township
    Cultivar jin suang ttes#12 (camellia sinensis)
    Cultivation  Conventional farming, alt. 300m
    Harvest 2019 Summer, hand picked

    Baking light  
    Oxidisation 90%

  • Serving per 250ml 1 heaped teaspoon (4 grams) 
    Water 95C
    Infusion (1st) 3 min, (2nd) 3.5 min,  (3rd) 4 min
    Contains caffeine

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