Earl Grey gets off the wagon. Earl Grey-infused Gin and Aperol Sour

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At More Tea we’re always up for an adventure so when Adam, one of our tea tribe, mused that Earl Grey tea and gin might be a match made in heaven, who were we to argue?

After all, as the bar manager at Naked for Satan, Adam is positively dripping with knowledge when it comes to all things spirits.

(Also, let’s face it, when a cocktail is in the offing, the wisest course of action is to just say, “yes, please”.)

And you won’t find bigger fans of the venerable Earl Grey than us; especially our high-grown Sri-Lanka variety with its aromatic and deliciously light citrus flavour.

Dutifully dispatched with the necessary supplies More Tea Earl Grey, he reappeared a few weeks (and several sore heads) later believing he had consummated his promised pairing, presenting with much ceremony the “Earl Grey infused Gin and Aperol Sour”.

One sip later we were true believers.

Adam explained that finding the right gin was the first step.

He didn’t want anything too heavy on the juniper, lest it drown out the delicate notes of the Earl Grey, and found a suitable match close to home in a tipple made by the Melbourne Gin Company.

Using local and exotic botanicals, including grapefruit and orange, the MGC gin complements the bergamot in our Earl Grey perfectly.

So here goes:

Adam’s Earl Grey infused Gin and Aperol Sour
Ingredients (makes one drink):
45ml More Tea Earl Grey infused Melbourne Gin Company Gin
15ml Aperol
20ml Lemon Juice
15ml Sugar syrup
White of 1 Egg

Method for infusing Earl Grey Gin:
Combine one teaspoon of More Tea Earl Grey for every 250ml of Melbourne Gin Company Gin. Leave to steep for 30 minutes. The alcohol in the gin will extract the flavour of the Earl Grey quite rapidly, so be careful not to leave for too long or it will become too tannic. Strain off tea through a tea filter (More Tea bottle) and keep the gin.

Method for making sugar syrup:
Dissolve equal parts sugar in boiling water. This crops up in a lot of cocktails and keeps for weeks, so make more than needed.

Method for making drink:
Add all the ingredients to a cocktail shaker and shake without ice to emulsify the egg white*.

*Egg white is common in sour type cocktails and gives a delightfully fluffy texture. And don’t worry, the lemon juice “cooks” the egg during shaking so there’s no raw eggy flavour.

Re-open cocktail shaker, add ice and then shake hard and fast. Finally, strain into a chilled martini glass without ice and garnish with a wheel of lemon.

Tasting notes:
Highly aromatic, the subtle sweetness of the Aperol and sugar take the edge off the tannins allowing the herbal flavours of both tea and gin to shine without sharpness. The lemon juice refreshes and bolsters the juiciness of the Earl Grey's bergamot and the gin’s grapefruit while the fluffy texture coats the mouth and lets the flavours linger longer. Perfection.

What we thought:
One is not enough.

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