Great news - caffeine in tea is good caffeine

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A question we get asked a lot is about caffeine content in tea. How much is too much? Can I drink tea all day? To answer all the questions we have some good news. The caffeine in tea has a different effect on our bodies versus coffee, we at More Tea call it a friendly caffeine. Without putting your lab googles on, pulling out the microscopes and bunsen burners, here is why the caffeine present in tea differs from that of coffee and coca-cola.

Caffeine in tea is known as theine, it differs as when tea steeps with water it forms different bonds to those of caffeine in coffee, resulting in a different effect on our bodies. Coffee excites us, it accelerates our heart rates as it has a direct effect on blood circulation through our coronary system. Tea however stimulates us by slowly releasing theine into our blood over a 6 to 8 hour period, targeting our central nervous system and cardiovascular system.

Instead of a quick fix with coffee, tea is the healthier and longer lasting fix. Sharpening our mind, increasing concentration, research even shows making us smarter(!) and minimising fatigue. A much more lasting effect.

Another really cool chemistry story about tea is a friendly amino acid called teanine present only in teas. Simply put, teanine can enhance relaxation and concentration (research supports this).

All in all, don't fear the caffeine in tea. Grasp it, benefit from it. Tea gives you that kick start and natural high, whilst keeping you relaxed, calm and mind able to focus for longer.

It's easy then - drink more tea!

A general summary of caffeine levels per standard cup:
Coffee: 80mg
Coca-cola: 45mg
Black tea: 40mg
Oolong tea: 30mg
Green tea: 20mg
White tea: 15mg
Rooibos & Herbals: 0mg



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