What's the craze with White Tea?

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It seems to be the week for discovering and falling in love with White Tea. Many customers are asking; What is White Tea? Why is it so good for you? Can I drink it all day?, so we thought time to fill you in a bit more (in the least complicated way we can) and tell a few stories.

White Tea is the untouched tea. Meaning it is the least processed tea. Some farms harvest white tea without (or very little) human touch, using tiny scissors and a bowl. Historically white tea was only plucked by virgins before the sun rose in the day. Considered a prized tea, the leaf buds and baby leaves are carefully plucked so as the leaves are not bruised, which could threaten the flavour. A lot of work for your special cup. Simply picked and withered by the sun.

White teas traditionally were only harvested from very precious crops two weeks of the year during spring, they were once reserved in China only for emperors and well respected Government officials. We are very lucky that us common folk can now access stunning pickings. At More Tea we currently have Buddha Tears and Silver Needles.

Buddha Tears are hand rolled. When steeped in your cup or tea bottle the balls slowly unfurl and release their gentle flavour and colour. Amazing when steeped, with quality white tea you can see the entire leaf in it's original form in your cup. 

If your Silver Needles look a little hairy, don't worry it's a sign of quality and a natural defence mechanism by the leaf to ward off unwanted insects and bugs. Something else really cool - Chinese folklore says that when drinking Silver Needles, if the brewed leaves stand upright in your cup (or tea bottle) then this brings good luck.

Yes, white tea is very good for you and you can drink it all day long. As white tea has had very little human touch it retains its original nutrients from the raw leaves, also meaning very little caffeine content. White Tea is well researched for it's great germ fighting abilities and nutrients that outweigh those of green tea. Chinese also love white tea for assisting menopausal systems, fighting hypertension and balancing body heat.

Great for skin too, popular in China to apply cooled brewed white tea direct to the skin to alleviate inflammations, irritations, acne and eczema. The benefits are endless, if you want to detox, white tea is proven to be a perfect gentle detoxification.

White Tea is a special gift from mother nature. Enjoy.

Please remember to use water under boil and steep for longer. It's well worth the wait. The added bonus is you can use the same leaves all day, just refill with water and notice the taste develop more. Oh.. and you can buy white tea online here!: http://drinkmoretea.com.au/collections/white

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