Why More Tea?

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Tea started as a passion when sitting on my Mum's knee sneaking in a sip or two whilst she chatted to her girlfriends. It also meant I could get a nibble of the dunked biscuit! It's the most social drink in the world, welcoming to friends and strangers alike. A great icebreaker for someone new or a real comfort for someone in need. The ultimate conversation starter. But simply it intrigued me and I wanted to discover more.

How can a simple leaf have such a profound effect on people? People all over the world, all generations, with vast differences in living conditions, hobbies and interests all partake in such a social and soothing tradition. Tea also casts memories, a milky English Breakfast immediately makes be feel at home when abroad or takes me back to my Grandmother's loungeroom and her storytelling. With just a sip of Japanese Sencha, instantly I'm back in the mountains of Japan (a country and culture I love), tasting the fresh air, smelling the grass and hearing the chimes of temples. Magic.

There is a lot of choice out there. We will search all the tea producing countries to bring to you the best tasting premium and specialty teas for you to enjoy. The most loved and very special and unheard of. We will head off the beaten track to visit local farmers and tell their stories, whilst giving back to their communities. We look forward to sharing our tea adventures with you.

Join us at More Tea for tea travel adventures, meet the growers, women who pluck your tea and visit their villages. Join our tasting workshops, special events, have endless conversations and inspiration to seek more in life. The vehicle being tea.



Stef (Chief Tea Drinker & Founder)

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