Wellness is the Secret to Ageing Well

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Wellness to me is how well rounded your life is. Have you struck a healthy balance, meaning that you are ageing well, loving your life?

Ageing well can mean something for everyone whatever their life stage:

- Infants are ageing well when they meet their health milestones, sleep well, eat variety.

- Teens are ageing well when they enter puberty smoothly, when their expression of physical and emotional health is in balance.

- Adults age well with an optimal body composition, balanced lifestyle, healthy diet, work/life balance and a healthy way to manage stress.

- Seniors often have increased needs to manage their health to continue to age well. Staying fit, mentally and socially active, maintaining a healthy diet and staying free of chronic disease means ageing well.

This can best be summarised by my Wellness Wheel.

The concept of the wellness wheel was developed on the conclusions drawn from a meta-analysis of long term studies on how we age. It showed individuals who incorporated all 7 areas of wellness into their lives had a greater longevity with much less sickness and chronic disease.

The wellness wheel will give you an idea of how well balanced your life is. Do you regularly partake in all sections of the wheel?

If not what do you need to add so that you do achieve balance? What could you add to your children's lives so they achieve wellness and a greater understanding of the foundations of health?

Some areas my clients often miss out on regularly are:

Rest & Relaxation - this is so easy, think what makes you feel relaxed, what do you love to do for fun that calms your mind? Reading, craft, soak in a bath, a beach walk, fishing? Now you must schedule it in to your weekly plan, schedule as much time as you can, start small if needed. Schedule in 15minutes every day to take a moment to have a cup of tea, More Tea of course! Sit and sip, breathe, listen to music or read a couple of pages of a magazine.

Social Connection - how much real social connection do you have in your life? We are often in contact with lots of people, family, work colleagues but often there is very little true connection. This is often so for Seniors. I encourage my clients to regularly partake in an activity that promotes social connection with likeminded people, a sports team, book club, mothers group, volunteer group, gardening club.....

Spirituality - put simply is having a sense of life purpose. Optimism, happiness and a positive outlook. Achieving this spiritual connection is different for everyone however meditation is a great way to start bringing some spirituality into your week. 

In practice I see my patients achieve huge improvements in measurable health goals when they bring all areas of the Wellness Wheel into their lives. This balance is so important in the prognosis of chronically ill and oncology clients that it is a priority in their healthcare and is so often a part patient’s love and that brings about great change. A sense of Wellbeing!

Who doesn't love to stop for 15 minutes sip a tea and do something they are passionate about! Take a moment and really assess the Wellness Wheel and your health. 

Carla Wrenn our 'Wellness Expert' integrates Functional Medicine with Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine & Nutrition. Carla loves solving the Complex & Chronic Cases' - Specialising in Chronic Disease Management, Integrative Oncology, Autoimmune Disease. Healthcare Packages & Consultations.

Ask Carla a question below or connect socially. She's smart, gorgeous and fun so reach out to her! (we wrote that - not her!).


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