Tea makes up part of our necessary daily fluid intake

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Great news – we can keep drinking more tea! Research has indicated that ‘tea’ constituents some of our necessary daily intake of water (well fluid). According to LaTrobe University study, our body needs two litres of fluid per day, not just water. And tea is one of those!

In an Editorial in the June issue of Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, Spero Tsindos from La Trobe University, examined why we consume so much water.

 “We should be telling people that beverages like tea and coffee contribute to a person’s fluid needs and despite their caffeine content, do not lead to dehydration,” wrote Spero Tsindos.

Researchers assembled 21 volunteers who would consume four cups of tea on one day of the study and four cups of hot water on the other day of the study. (Some participants began with tea and the rest began with the water. Each person switched for the second day.) Hydration levels were measured using blood and urine samples. Researchers found no differences in hydration levels in the participants whether they consumed water or tea.

We’re not saying “give up water”, we’re saying you can keep drinking more tea. So when your out-and-about or at the office, take your tea bottle and your water bottle.


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