Sun is back out, it's Iced Tea time

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No more soft drink, no more sweetened juice or drinks packed with preservatives or sugar. When you need that thirst quencher in summer, iced tea is so easy to make. Plus you feel totally replenished and receive the natural tea high. Not the bottled iced tea from the shops, real homemade iced tea. Most teas can be iced, it's all personal taste, have a try.

So how do you make iced tea at home? Experiment with any of your teas, although fruit tisanes and black or green blends work best. You can check out More Tea's collection if you need somewhere to start, these teas are specially designed as perfect for iced tea -

Two easy ways to make fresh iced tea:

1. Let it chill 'The Fridge Method': Grab your More Tea Bottle, place leaves inside, secure strainer, pour in hot water (just like normal) and let chill in fridge. Drink straight from bottle when cold. Or use the same method with a big jug. If using a jug, have fun, add lots of chopped fruit.

2. Lots of ice 'Instant Iced Tea Method': Grab your favourite big jug or glass, fill either half full with ice, make your tea as normal in another cup/jug and pour directly over ice. Enjoy immediately.

3. Cubes are cool 'Tea ice Cubes Method': This is most time consuming, but the most fun and impressive. Make your tea as normal and freeze it in ice cube trays. Great way to use up any leftover tea or make different flavours, mix-and-match. You could use the tea ice cubes and pour over tea liquid from another flavour. Again, fresh fruit is a great addition. Kids go crazy for this.

Iced Tea tips and tricks:

Always use more tea leaves than you would for hot tea, our taste buds don't taste as much with cooler water. Mix through chopped fruit and mint leaves.

We saved the best trick for last - alcohol. Vodka and gin love tea, drop in a splash and give it a try. More of those recipes to come!

Have a go. Sit in the sun and laugh with friends. Share your iced tea adventures #wedrinktea

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