The Twelve Magic Words of Christmas

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As we draw closer to the big day of Santa's arrival my kids are asking more and more questions. "He's just magic" is not good enough anymore. So I did some research, thought I would share this amazing find, it's not often Santa reveals his secrets.

These are Santa and the elves Magic Words:

Dinky Doiley - Used by an elf to make himself invisible. The difficulty is that the word for making oneself visible again has been lost.

KalamazamKalamazoo - Spoken to make an object disappear. Doesn't work for anything larger than a whale.

Hogey Bogey - Works to clean a room within seconds. The magic may not put things where you want them, however.

Peepeepoopoo - Magically transforms your enemy into the animal you're thinking of at the time.

Yup-Yup - Effective when you want a plant to grow fast. Elvish records show that Jack didn't really have magic beans; he just knew how to use Yup-Yup magic.

Bully Bully! - Turns raw materials into the toy of your choice. Must be spoken very loudly and with great force.

Piggy Pog - Cures just about any imaginable illness. Does not work for cut fingers or for colds, however.

Higgledy Piggledy Poo - Good for changing the weather (we need this one!). Can make it go from snow to rain to shine within seconds, or from cloudiness to clear skies.

Bunko Bucky Bah-Bah - Make someone shut up. When the noise gets to an elf, if he has some potion handy, he says the magic words and the other person is unable to speak for 55 minutes.

Joe Betchum - Said to bring something to mind. Works to help the elf remember things he's forgotten, as well as things he never knew before.

Rumplestiltskin - Pronounced to bring a shiny star down into your hand.

Huppy Huppy Ho-Ho-Ho! - Must be said with a broad smile, and with the finger on the side of the nose. Works to make an elf go up into the air. The elves taught this spell to Santa to enable him to go up chimneys.

What's this got to do with tea?

Nothing! Just enjoy. Take a moment.



Source the magical book by Alden Perkes - 'The Santa Claus Book'. Kindly lent by More Tea Founders children, Barney, Tilly and Willow.

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