Glass tea bottle 300ml

    • Brew as you go (well 'steep' in technical tea terms) with our 300ml More Freedom Glass Tea Bottle, enjoy quality loose leaf tea anywhere you like, anytime of the day. A very stylish accessory! No plastic or chemicals - tea tastes best in glass.

      Beautifully designed double walled tea bottle made from borosilicate glass with built-in strainer. Double walled feature stops you from burning your hands. Tea remains at a warm and drinkable temperature for up to an hour. With our eco-friendly bamboo lid the sleek design looks great in your hand out-and-about or cup holder.

      It's easy, drop in tea leaves, refill all day with hot water and drink straight from the bottle (you can reuse the leaves too!). Try iced tea on a sunny day straight from the fridge. Holds 300ml. 

    • First, tip your favourite leaves inside. Second, secure the strainer inside bottle, you’ll hear a nice little click when in place. Third, fill with hot water making sure to fill below the strainer. Finally screw on the bamboo lid securely and you’re good to go. Sip straight from the bottle. The bottle loves white and herbal teas or use a Tea Bottle Steeper Insert to steep black, green and oolongs to achieve the best results. Perfect for fresh fruit infused water, summer cocktails and smoothies on the go. For homemade iced tea, simply steep like normal and leave in fridge (not the freezer).

      FOR CARE. More Tea bottles are easy to care for. Always hand wash all parts for best results. A quick rinse and drip dry is usually all that is needed. Avoid soaking the bamboo lid. Take great care of the inner glass liner, it is fragile. Do not insert scrubbing brushes, hands, sponges or tea spoons or it could break. Treat your bottle like any fine glassware. Not designed for dishwasher or microwave. For a bit more protection we recommend the More Tea Bottle Cover.



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